Life Coaching is the collaborative effort of a coach and a client to produce extraordinary results in life, relationships, career/business. People partner with life coaches to attain greater success, get past sticking points and stumbling blocks, and start achieving their goals.

A significant observation by Albert Einstein was- “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at, when we created them.”

To be at the level of thinking to solve our problems we need insight, motivation and support from someone who can partner with us in this process, yet let us be ourselves making our own choices. Life coaching is beneficial in very many other ways.

  • There is clarity regarding what one wants from life, relations and business. There is better insight about self and goals.
  • A stronger sense of self belief and confidence emerges from knowing oneself better mirrored by an objective coach
  • Recognition of the unexplored possibilities provide newer avenues for growth
  • We may know what we want but we but we may not be doing what we need to do. Being accountable to someone forces us to perform and get results
  • With the help of the life coach, we achieve control over our life by making informed choices
  • Coaching helps us rectify blind spots by making us aware of them, unlearn unproductive strategies and thereafter develop productive strategies from new perspectives

Life coaching has life changing personality benefits, which empower us for independent decision making with a broader vision and a clear focus:

  • People can do almost anything they set their minds on, only if they can deal with self-criticism or self-contentment. Motivation and sense of direction from a life coach helps them overcome these self defeating programs
  • Individuals are restricted by their own limited perception of their capacities, for example- I cannot win an argument. The life coaching process shatters these limiting beliefs and opens their mind to new areas to explore
  • We can reverse our vicious loop arising out of fear and failure. Overcoming obstacles, fear, and insecurities with a professional coach we trust, paves the path for success
  • Coaching helps us release old, people-pleasing, perfectionistic and procrastinating patterns