Family Business Management(FBM)

Every family, relationship, partnership, business model is unique and complex, if not understood well. The operating dynamics are crucial and revolve around ideologies, mindsets and generation gaps. Each and every member needs to understand the role and support of others in driving the business for long term. Hardly 10-15% of businesses are passed on to the next generation. It makes it very important to have family rules in synchronized with business requirements for peaceful and smooth running of personal and professional life. Trust, communication, managing conflicts, strategic planning and learning to forgive are the key pillars for sustaining the family business.

VAC®-FBM program is designed for Family owned & Partnership Businesses. Business being dynamic and competitive, along with high expectations from partners managing partnerships and family businesses, is quite challenging.

Through VAC® we have mastered the art of addressing the challenges in family managed organizations. VAC® addresses the challenges with fine balance of sensitivity and professionalism to maximize the business potential and ensure its sustenance, with minimal internal challenges.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone “. Individual & family goals are aligned with a perfect mix match such that everyone achieves progress, peace and prosperity.

FBM is an execution based Hand holding journey where following key areas are addressed:

  • Distinction between personal, family and business values
  • Common goal design
  • Strategic Family Plan
  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Partnership Structuring
  • Family Organization Structure
  • Creating Professionalism
  • Succession planning

Return on investment:

  • Design & follow "Our Family Workbook"
  • Family Business Continuity
  • Business Scaling Up
  • Enhanced Growth & Profitability
  • Business Goals aligned with Team
  • Professionally driven Organization