Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP)

VALUE ADDED COACHING - VAC®, is a set of executive courses designed, developed and offered by ADDVALUE, is an operational form of the philosophy about managing self and leading organizations.

Organizations desiring to be successful have the strategic priority of developing future leaders at early stages, from within. The emerging leaders have to develop deeper understanding about: self-behavior, problem solving, decision making during different situations.

We appreciate your vision for self and seeing yourself in a key leadership position. We also understand the challenges for leaders and the skill requirement for navigating the team to the desired goals.

This ELDP program is a fast paced, highly interactive, focused general management learning outbound program, which helps the participants have a deeper understanding of:

  • Self Understanding – allow participants to explore and develop insights about themselves as future leaders
  • Life Goal Design – visualize their ambitions
  • Setting Business Goals – map the business requirements
  • Problem Formulation – enhance problem understanding
  • Business Modeling – prepare business strategy
  • Speed of Thought – understand impact of decision making speed
  • Analyzing Financial Performance – understand organization performance
  • Understanding Market Opportunities – define market and know the gaps
  • Strategy Formulation and Execution – build roadmap and execute
  • Delivering Customer Value – create value added products and services
  • Managing Speed to Market - Operational Excellence for Just In Time
  • Supply Chain Management – designing an effective value chain
  • Total Human Management – managing people and relationship building
  • Management Information Systems – analysis through data management
  • Growth and Profitability – understanding real money

This ELDP program is conducted through Value Added Coaching – VAC®, which is unique, as it is an integration and synchronization of Business Coaching and Life Coaching.

The program ends with an intensive integrated group exercise, which will enable participants consolidate their learning’s from various modules and help them have a holistic view of the organizations.


Pedagogy of tools will be used:

  • Lectures
  • Case Studies
  • Group Discussions
  • Self Reflection Sessions
  • One on One Session with Life Coach

A day would typically include approx. 5 hours of lectures and approx. 4 hours of group work and preparations for class discussions. The program also offers enough space for networking, sharing and mutual learning.


  • Learn Business Skills
  • Sharpen Daily Work Management
  • Create Work Life Balance
  • Understand, Design and Follow "MY LEADERSHIP WORKBOOK"


A Business Coach and a Life Coach, having quality academic track record and vast global experience in training, consulting, coaching and mentoring across a vast organization spectrum, will conduct the program.