Business Coaching process

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Business coaching is a highly customized process, which has to be designed keeping in mind the following primary factors:

  • Entrepreneur’s mindset
  • Shareholder’s risk taking ability
  • Organization capability
  • Organization vision and goals
  • Organization succession

The above factors answer a lot of questions, which easily help to design the basic coaching process and help determining the direction we wish to set for the organization. The 5 Step coaching process:

  • Assess the current situation – Gap Analysis – What needs to be addressed?
  • Set goal matrix – Where to reach? Define the final milestone – The Vision
  • Action Plan – How to reach? What sequential steps need to be taken? How to address the en-route challenges
  • Execution strategy - Who will do, by when? Team empowerment – Authority, Accountability, Responsibility
  • Goal Achievement – Where & When did you reach? Analyze performance

Set simple, achievable and measureable goals. Move a step at a time. Progress continually.